3 Natural Masks To Breathe Acne


3 Natural Masks To Breathe Acne

One of the annoying skin problems is acne. The red stain on the face makes the skin look dirty and not smooth. Not to mention the acne scars are hard to remove. If you have tried various products but acne is not lost, it’s time to switch to natural treatments. This natural ingredient is believed to treat the problem of acne. In addition, this natural material is very easy to find. 1. Carrots As quoted Become Gorgeous, carrots are rich in vitamin A which is not only good for the eyes but also the skin. Carrot mask can relieve inflammation in acne while eliminating it.

How to make a mask: prepare 2-3 pieces of carrots and 3-4 teaspoons of honey. Boil carrots until cooked, lift, wait until cool. Then crush it with a fork until smooth. Pour the honey slowly while stirring to form like a paste. Pulaskan mask to the entire face, let stand approximately 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.2. Cinnamon Cinnamon has been trusted since the time of the ancestors to overcome stubborn acne in the skin. In addition to cure, cinnamon also serves to remove acne scars. How to make a mask: Materials needed are cinnamon and honey powder. Mix the two ingredients, then apply in the acne. We recommend to apply this herb at night and let sit overnight for more useful work.3. Tomato In tomato contained tomatin substance that is as anti-inflammatory. As quoted from Care Fair, the content can dry out acne and heal wounds. Its vitamin C content can also brighten the skin, so that acne scars can soon disappear. How to make a mask: Mix a tablespoon of tomato juice with two to four drops of fresh lemon juice. Apply face mask. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. (kik / kik)

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