This Reason Why It is Recommended to Break Fasting with Date

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This Reason Why It is Recommended to Break Fasting with Date

Jakarta, Dates is one fruit that is identical with the coming of Ramadan. Fruit derived from the Middle East is highly recommended to eat during breaking the fast. Delivered by Dr. Hendra Nurjadin, SpPD-KGEH from Mayapada Hospital Tangerang, in addition to taste sweet and well consumed when breaking the fast, dates are also familiar with digestion because it does not stimulate gastric acid. there is enough carbohydrates with enough sweetness, then also protein, including vitamins in it, said the man who is familiarly called Dr. Hendra in Live Chat ‘Digestion Stay Healthy When Fasting’ which was held detikHealth and detikForum recently. also: Although Delicious, Fried Not a Healthy and Ideal Fasting Break Menu Dr. Hendra, dates do not also cause the stomach to be too full. So that both fresh dates and dates are commonly sold in the market as well as early breaking the fast. So for me no problem breaking with dates. Both fresh dates and dates are commonly sold, he added lagi.Memang no amount of ideal how many dates are consumed. But Dr. Hendra reminded not to overdo it and of course must be equipped with balanced nutrition food. There is no standard, which we must remember that dates are sweet. We can not eat dates for our dinner, stressed Dr. Hendra.Read also: ‘Menu’ Opening is Recommended When forced to Open Fasting on the Road (hrn / up)

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